The Mari Vision Inc. Proposition
Mari Vision Firmly believes Our mission is to discover a precious 'Object' in a small field, to fix our eyes upon  "Soul," "Story," and "Passion" which exist there, and to send out messages with our sense.  Eyewear is an article upon which we have concentrated such ingenuity of ours and for which we have tried hard to find a solution.  The position of our company is the sure place en rout to an uncertain destination, the future of eyewear world. We will strive to seek 'Individuality' in all eyewear and to talk to people in a community with our own words. And we will not deal it as merely an object, but we would like to convey our story, our reason, and what we are aiming at for the future. Regarding not only eyewear connected with "Eyes" such as lenses and frames but also all the related goods, we promise to speak to you through the "Eyes" of our own.