Company's History
1992           Founded Mari Vision Inc. 1994           Set up HB Surfboard Japan, Hot Buttered Japan. 1995           Began to cultivate European market for ophthalmic lenses. 1997           Hiro International, We entered into trade of eyewear frames 2000           Started selling of "Kodak" ophthalmic products in Japan. 2001           Founded SA Vision Inc. 2003           Capital participation in Nippon Vision Ease Co. Ltd. and obtained the rights to its management by transfer. 2005           Mari Vision Inc., Took over as Representative Director of Nippon Ophthalmic Co,. LTD. 2008/12      Bought up the whole stocks of Nippon Vision Ease. 2009/2        Merged Nippon Vision Ease into SA Vision Inc. 2009/7        Opened Fukui Office. Enriched design development and quality control of eyewear frames.