Associated Company
NIPPON OPHTHALMIC CO., LTD No.5, Nishi-Suya-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 660-8833 TEL : 81-75-371-6013       FAX : 81-75-365-0789 Business field Surfacing (processing), manufacturing, and sales of ophthalmic lens. Authorized for manufacturing and sales of medical device of third category. License Number   26B3X00011 Foundation date    May 28 1954 ( The business started in 1917) Capital                  ¥10,000,000 Representative Director  Takanori Ashida Director                           Takuo Yanagita Director                           Takayuki Okabe Director                           Yoshitada Saito Auditor                            Hiroko Ohya SA VISION INC. NO. 5-30, 5-Chome, Showa-cho, Abeno-ku, Osaka, Japan 545-0011 TEL : 81-6-6628-2233       FAX : 81-6-6628-7895 Business field Sales of ophthalmic lens and related, goods in domestic market Dealing brand Kodak lens, Signet Armorlite, NVE (related with Vision Ease) Foundation date   April 17 2001 Capital                  ¥30,000,000 Representative Director  Takayuki Okabe Director                           Takanori Ashida Director                           Hiroko Ohya Director                           Takeshi Takeuchi Auditor                            Shohzoh Seki HIRO INTERNATIONAL INC. NO. 5-30, 5-Chome, Showa-cho, Abeno-ku, Osaka, Japan 545-0011 TEL : 81-6-6628-3166       FAX : 81-6-6628-3155 Business field Planning and sales of eyewear frame Import agency of frames from foreign countries and their distribution. Dealing brand Axel, Caviar, others Foundation date    September 1, 1990 Capital                  ¥20,000,000 Representative Director  Takanori Ashida Director                          Mitsuhiro Moriai Director                          Takayuki Okabe Director                          Hidekazu Yamamoto Auditor                           Takeshi Takeuchi Companies in cooperation with MARI VISION INC. Itoh Optical Group Location of head office No, 3-19, Miyanari-chi, Gamagoori-chi, Aichi prefecture Business field Various kinds of coating on ophthalmic lens Manufacturing of plastic lens ; Making contact lens Producing parts of optical film for use of industrial equipment  Inada Eyewear Group Location of Head Quarter's Factory 4-3, 19 Aza 40, Teraji-cho, Echizen-shi, Fukui Prefecture Business field Planning and manufacturing of eyewear frame, sunglass frame, parts related with eyewear, and supplementary parts including metallic mold and others.